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If you know who you are, how could you allow someone to tell you any different?

I, alone, have had to go through my trials and tribulations in this journey of life.

I, alone, had to console myself when my peers did their best to embarrass me and hurt my feelings.

I, alone, had to cry myself to sleep out of anger from poverty.

I, alone, had to put the knife down to prevent my suicide.

I, alone, wrote all those love songs about a woman who never really loved me.

After ALL this, I knew I was a person of quality. I knew life wasn’t meant to be spent in sadness and pity.

No one on this earth saw me as a person of value. I told myself that.

Now, we have people who get upset at me because of how I feel about myself.

God made us all equal, homie. If you don’t think highly of yourself, I suggest you start NOW.

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